New Sermon: “Belonging in the Body: UP”

by September 10, 2014

Dear Friends, We begin our series on belonging by addressing our most important relationship – UP with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Here it is: UP – 2014 Here is the outline:  UP – 2014 Join us for the second sermon on Belonging IN the Read more »

Kickoff Tailgate Party

by September 5, 2014
Image for Kickoff Tailgate Party

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As we prepare for Sunday and our Kickoff Tailgate Party, I wanted to let you in a bit on the excitement that this fall brings.  We are in the midst of a new phase of growth and development at Good Shepherd.  As we closed out Read more »

New Sermon: “Hope at the End”

by September 2, 2014

Dear Friends, This past Sunday we were blessed to have a guest preacher, the Rev. Mark Cooke.  His text was from 2 Samuel 23:1-7 and the sermon was inspiring and challenging. Here it is: Hope at the End Here is the outline: Hope at the End (David’s Last Song)    2 Samuel Read more »

From the Sabbatical Committee

by August 29, 2014

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: The Vestry and the Sabbatical Planning Committee are pleased to announce that following the precepts set down by our Heavenly Father, who ordained a pattern of rest for his people, our congregation will send Father Shay on sabbatical.  This time of rest, rejuvenation, and renewal in Read more »

New Sermon: “Our Desperate Need

by August 25, 2014

Dear Friends, Our sermon for this past Sunday was on Nathan’s confrontation of David after his grave sins. Here is the sermon: Here is the outline: 9 – 2Sam12 – Desperate Need Let me know your thoughts. Blessings, Shay +

Textual Difficulties in 1 and 2 Samuel: Polygamy

by August 20, 2014

Textual Difficulties in 1 and 2 Samuel In this past week’s sermon (8/17/14), I referenced the fact that our preaching text had moved from 1 Samuel 24 to 2 Samuel 7.  Even though our series is not a verse by verse every chapter series, I did not want to gloss Read more »

New Sermon: “Everlasting Covenant”

by August 18, 2014
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Dear Friends, We are closing in on the completion of our summer series in Samuel.  Perhaps the high point in terms of redemptive history is 2 Samuel 7 and the covenant with David. Here is this week’s sermon on 2 Samuel 7: Here is this week’s outline: 8 – 2Sam7 – Read more »

New Sermon: “God of Grace”

by August 4, 2014

Dear Friends, We are in the last month of this challenging preaching series.  My prayer is that this summertime is a time of growth and learning for you. Here is the sermon:  1sam21 – God of grace Here is the outline: 6 – 1Sam21 – God of grace Let me know Read more »

New Sermon: “The Spiral of Comparison”

by August 1, 2014

Dear Friends, This is last Sunday’s sermon in the series “Who is our King?” We are going through First and Second Samuel in a survey and connecting Israel’s desire for a King with our King Jesus. This past Sunday, I preached on 1 Samuel 18:6-16. Here is the Sermon: 1sam18 – Read more »

Catechism Conspiracy

by July 24, 2014

Dear Friends, I am excited to announce a new opportunity to go deeper in the Christian life.  The name is catchy but it has a purpose – Catechism Conspiracy. Why Catechism? Catechisms are an ancient form of teaching the faith that use a question and answer format.  The Anglican Church Read more »