The Good Shepherd



E Pluribus Unum

Church of the Good Shepherd has only existed by that name since 2007, but our history is rich and varied, since we are in fact an amalgamation of multiple historic Charleston churches:

  • St. Peter’s by the Sea, which served the Naval Yard and North Charleston from 1914 to 1984;

  • Old St. Peter's, Logan Street, which was founded in 1833 and then burned down in the Charleston Fire of 1861;

  • Christ Church, Rutledge Avenue, with which Old St. Peter's merged;

  • St. John’s, which moved to our present location in the early 2000s, forming the Church of St. Peter & St. John.


Our building on Miles Drive in West Ashley was dedicated in 1973, and has since been expanded by the addition of a parish hall, rooms for the Day School, office space, a playground and soccer fields, and a new Narthex in 2014. And there is still plenty of room for further expansion!


A Hope & A Future

In recognition of our unity in Christ, the people and vestry of the Church of St. Peter & St. John voted to change our name to The Church of the Good Shepherd, signaling a rebirth and renewal of this historic parish. We have also been blessed with visionary leadership: For example, at a time when there were only six children in the congregation, we built a beautiful new playground and made plans to open a Day School, and now we are delightfully over-run with small people! We are, and are increasingly becoming, a loving family on mission together.